Sunday, May 9, 2010

sewconnected2, Spring to Finish Challengs, and Kid's Clothes Week Challenge

I have finished Rita's blocks for the sewconnected2 virtual bee I am in. She sent the most beautiful shot cottons. I love these fabrics; the colors are beautiful and they are so soft. She wanted blocks that remind one of home or wonky logcabinish. I made two because I loved working with these fabrics! For the top hear, I used this tutorial at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

I used my leftover strips to piece together this wonky log cabinish square. I like the way it turned out with squares above squares or a diamond depending on the way you are looking at it.

spring to finish big

I joined Jacquie's Spring to finish challenge back in the middle of April. I just haven't had time to post about it! I have several things I would like to finish this month, and I already have one finish to add to my list!
Here is my original list of what I would like to finish:

Barcelona Skirt for me-finished!
Sewconnected 2 blocks for Rita-finished!
Two Oliver + S 2+2 Tunics-need buttonholes and buttons
2 Swing Tops for Zerah-cut out
2 Dresses for Zerah
Gingham Pants
Spring Quilted Tablerunner-top pieced
9 Patch Quilt Top-squares finished

I wonder how much more of this I can finish! Some are already started so it looks good!

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge
I just discovered a new blog, elsie marley, and she is having a kid's week challenge in May. I am having so much fun making little girl clothes that I have to join in. The basic premise is to devote one hour each day to sewing kid's clothes. During the week, I don't usually sew because I just don't have the time after getting home from work, picking up Zerah, eating dinner, nursing, etc. My nighttime schedule is very scheduled, so I would have to stay up late to do that. I tend to go to bed right after she does (8:30) so I can get up at 4:20 to pump, nurse, and get ready to leave for work at 6:30. If I can sew while I pump, I can devote 30 minutes or so (early!)and maybe I can fit in 15 minutes at night? I am going to try! I have started cutting out a few patterns so I can start tomorrow.:) The great thing is that it coincides with the Spring to Finish challenge very nicely!

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beth said...

oooh! I love that heart block. Beautiful.