Friday, March 19, 2010

Jackson Shirt and Shorts

I ventured away from dresses for a little six month top and shorts. This is the Jackson pattern from Children's Corner and the fabric is from Joanne's. I used leftover fabric from making all of these Frannie dresses. This pattern was all about firsts for me: first sleeves, first pants, first elastic, first french seams and first pleats.
It about drove me crazy. I have had this top and bottom on my desk for about a month now. I cut it all out and then couldn't figure out the pleats. It was all my fault for not reading the pattern correctly. I became so used to cutting everything on the fold that I cut the back on the fold, twice because the pattern said to cut out two, and then I couldn't figure out how it ended up with a split down the back and buttons. So I put it aside, made some dresses, and then realized my mistake. I went back and cut the back in half, figured it out and then progressed on to the front.

Pleats! I played around and finally got this portion right. At least, I think it is right, and it seems to look correct. :)

The next dilemma was sleeves. I completely read the wrong instructions for the straight sleeves instead of the puffed sleeves and ended up with a gather at the top, instead of all the way around. By the time I realized this, the sleeves were all the way sewn on and I was not ripping it all out. I decided I liked the way it came out, so it was a happy mistake.
After that, everything else went together pretty quickly. I love the way the french seams look on the inside, and I liked finished off the sleeve seams with zig zag stitches. That is pretty neat. The pants went together so quickly, and I made the smaller around the waist since Zerah has a small waist.

Overall, I am happy with the way it came out, and now I know how to do all these different things. The next one will go together much more quickly, and I do plan on trying it again. Although, it did test my patience.


Karen said...

Wow, you are getting so good! I agree the sleeves turned out DARLING. I would not rip them out either. My knitting teacher said when you make a mistake all the way through your work, it's no longer a mistake. It's now a "design feature." :D
Did you get snowed in today? We're not quite!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, how sweet! You're going to have to remember to take pictures of her in all these adorable little outfits!

QuiltedSimple said...

these are really cute. i have a couple outfits for Jessie that I need to make, but am DREADING making capri pants for her - she is so darned picky anymore. Or maybe it's that she is 10? Anyhow, I love these.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

They are adorable Audrey! The instructions are the hardest part - until the last few years I would call my mom while trying to sew most garments :)

Sandra Henderson said...

Don't you wish you could have someone just show you?!?! Well, I do! I am so much better at watching and learning! I am so glad that I found your blog! Thank you... it's great! You've inspired me to make some clothes for my new grandbaby! :)

bear said...

That little top is simply adorable and you picked the perfect fabric to make it from:)