Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Club #2

I finished another book club stitchette last night!  I really like this one with the boy and the girl sitting on the couch sharing a book.  I dressed the boy in orange and blue to make him an Auburn fan since it is football season, and I was watching the football game while stitching it.  I am going to find a wall to hang these on and slowly add to the collection over time.  They are really fun to make!  The pattern comes from Wee Wonderfuls

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Club

I am jumping into the world of embroidery and finished up this little book girl early this week.  It is so nice to have something that I can work on late at night while watching TV, especially since my sewing room has been turned into a guest room.  It is hard to pull out the machine when you only have 30 minutes to sew!

I ordered these book club stichettes a couple of months ago, but it took me a while to get started on them; I don't know why since they are so much fun!  I am almost done with my second one, and it only took me a couple of days!  The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls, and you can order it here.  When I went to link up, I saw that she has patterns for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, too!  I need the fall one because it has little girl with a pennant saying "Go!".  Wouldn't that be perfect on the front of an a-line dress in your team's colors?  I am definitely going to have to make a little Auburn girl!

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Fall Dress for my daughter...

 I made this dress for Z today!  I used the Lucy pattern by Children's Corner in a size two, and the fabric is from Joanne's.  It seems they always have at least one cute corduroy every fall, and I love this print with the deer, owls, bunnies and mushrooms.  It is perfect for fall.

 The Lucy pattern is my favorite for a simple A-line dress.  I lined it with some bright green Kona cotton for some cute contrast, especially when she is running and kicks up her hem.  I added a peachy orange ribbon to give it a little more interest as well.

The dress took about two hours to make, including cutting out fabric and a quick run to the store for buttons.  I love it with her new fall boots she got for her birthday last week!  I need to make more of these for her this fall.  It has been a while since I have made little dresses!

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Shearwater Kaftan

I recently finished a new shirt for me!  It was finished two weeks ago, but I couldn't get pictures of me in it.  It is the Shearwater Kaftan by Make It Perfect in Anna Marie Horner's Loulouthi.  This is the first time I have made this pattern, and I love how it turned out!  It is perfect for the fall time.

It went together quickly, and I finished it in an afternoon. I love the little buttons on the side so you can wear your sleeves up or down.

I love this print by Anna Marie Horner, too.  I may have to order some more so that I can make a skirt!  I bought the fabric and the pattern at the Fancy Tiger in Denver.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Mail! Letters R and G for my ABC quilt!

Way back in April, I attended a retreat in Ft. Collins that Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts was attending as well.  I was working on my A block to finish up my sewconnected quilt, and it was fun because she was also in the Sewconnected Virtual Quilting Bee with me.  She offered to make me a couple more letters, and I jumped at the chance to not have to make 14 more blocks.  So a couple weeks later I mailed off some fabric to her and then mailed more this summer because I kept finding fun additions.   Last week, she mailed me my "G" and "R" blocks which I love!  Didn't they turn out great?

"G" is for grapes, golf, guitar, giraffe, ghost, garlic, and girl.

"R" is for rabbit, robot, roads, runners, rooster, rabbits, ruler, and rings.

Thank you, Amanda, again for making me such awesome blocks!  Maybe I can finish piecing the top together this weekend.  I might squeal with glee at this top when it is complete!:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sewconnected 2 Quilt Finished!

I finally finished my Sewconnected 2 Quilt this past weekend!  This quilt has taken me quite a long time to actually finish, but I am so glad I did because I love it!  I gave it to my daughter for her 2nd birthday this past Monday, and I finished sewing the binding on Saturday night. It is 69 x 96 inches-hung sideways!

I am going to try to take another picture where it isn't so bright because the sun washed out the colors of some of the blocks...

I wouldn't have been able to make this so lovely, if it weren't for all the blocks sent to me from the other members of my swap, who were all amazing partners who made such beautiful blocks!
Thank you!  I listed everyone who sent me blocks below with their flickr account first and their blog second.  Go check them out!  They are all so talented! If you would like to see some of the blocks up close, I created a gallery on flickr of most of the blocks I received (some blocks wouldn't post to the gallery?)
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