Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime Hourglass Quilt

I finished my Summertime Hourglass Quilt! I am trying to finish up so many of my quilt tops and I am excited to have crossed this one of the list. I started this one back last summer. In fact, the fabric was purchased while visiting my parents and the cutting process started while I was at the beach, which is where they are now.

The top has been done for a while, but I couldn't decide if I wanted a border around it or not. I added an orange polka dot border and then decided that the oranges weren't close enough so it was ripped off. I am glad that I went without the border on the front.

The orange on the back is the same that I was considering for the front. I like it on the back.:)

I quilted it 1/4 inch in on the sides of the seams to form squares. The fabrics are perfect for summer, I think.

Have a great weekend everyone!


jacquie said...

beautiful...just beautiful. and i love the back too!!

Amy said...

The hour glasses are looking lovely. I think you made the right decision taking the pattern to the boarder. It keeps it nice and simple

Amy - Park City Girl said...

I love it Audrey! So bright and vibrant. Your quilting is just right too - way to go finishing things up :)

Stephanie D. said...

That's a great summer quilt! The fabrics are perfect.

Karen said...

How fun to finish another quilt. I wish I could say I have. Great job!

APA said...

THE perfect quilt for summer! It's beautiful. I remember when you starting making the hourglass (isn't that wild...time flies!) blocks. Super cool. And the back is wonderful, too.

You are gettin' down on your sewing and quilting. Way to go!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh this is pretty! Love the back of it - looks so summery.

Dionne said...

I love how it's come out. I really LOVE the back! A perfect summertime quilt. I hope you are feeling well.