Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lucky me and unlucky me...

I won a couple of blog contest a few weeks ago, and I haven't posted about them!

I won six yards of Moda Bella Solids from p.s. i quilt.  They feel so nice!  I have never used moda bella solids before, so I am excited about trying them out.  The pink has already been used in the backing for my sewconnected quilt that is still not basted.  I need more hours in the day!  P.S. i quilt has a postage stamp quilt along that I am dying to do. 

 I won Big Felt Universe from Maya Made, who has a lovely blog.  I read her daily, and I really enjoy it.  I am really excited about using this book to make all kinds of felt creations for my daughter.  I have accepted that I won't have time until summer, but watch out then because I am making a fruit cake first!  This book has all kinds of felt creations in it, and I am looking forward to checking it out. 

 In other news, we are trying to sell our house, and it is officially on the market.  That means that my sewing room is no longer a sewing room.:(  These pictures are from three years ago, so you are seeing my old sewing machine and there was another table to the right of the computer for cutting that was added since then.  This is the unlucky portion of my post.:)

It really had even more stuff than is pictured here including a huge shelf to the right that was full of fabric, felt and quilt tops.
Here is my sewing room now.  It has been a lot harder to sew now that I have to drag everything out of the closet every night, and the house needs to stay clean.  I know I was lucky to have a space that was dedicated to sewing for as long as I did, and I am hopeful that I will be able to reclaim a space in our future space.  I am so hopeful that our house will sell quickly and that we won't lose money on it. 


Katie B. said...

I'm envious of your wins! 6 yards of Bella Solids. Very nice! And maybe your luck will continue with the selling of your house. I hope so!

Tara said...

Best of luck selling your house! It is a tough process, but it will all work out in the end! Hope your school year ends well. Miss you!

quirky granola girl said...

i love moda bella solids. sooooo yummy.
best wishes selling your house! luck seems to be on your side for giveaways, so let's hope that luck rubs off on your house :)