Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Front Range Modern Quilt Guild Mug Rug Swap

Last night I went to the May meeting of the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild down in Monument, CO.  It was so much fun and inspirational.  I really enjoy these meetings so much, and if you live in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, you should go!

We had a mug rug swap at the last meeting, which I missed because I was at the quilting retreat in Ft. Collins, so I had to bring my mug rug this month.  I love this little block, and I plan on eventually making a quilt that is like this full of all of my favorite books.  I want to add book titles to the spines as well.

My partner is an author of young adult books, so I wanted to do something book related.  I found these wonderful stitchery patterns at Wee Wonderfuls called the Book Club Stitchettes, so I had to try out embroidery.  This is my first embroidery!  I then added some books on the right side, so it would look like she was walking away with a stack of books.  She loves Amy Butler, the colors chartreuse and navy, and books, so I added some Daisy Chain from Amy Butler to the binding and a few of the books.

I was inspired to add the ribbons to the spines of the books based on a block that I saw Melinda, who I met at the retreat in Ft. Collins, create for one of her bee members.  I think it really adds a special touch to the blocks.

I really enjoyed being able to tote the embroidery around, and I plan on taking some with me this summer when I travel down to the South to visit with family and go to the beach.  I have to take something to work on for the two weeks I will be gone, and this seems like the perfect project for sitting outside on the porch while visiting.  I have another hand project that I am going to take with me that I will share later on this week.

I received an awesome Auburn mugrug from my partner, Melissa, but I left it in Monument so it could be a part of the Monument Art Hop.  I am hoping my partner has a picture, so I can share it!  It is so perfect for me, as I love Auburn, and it is made out of all these scraps, which I love.  I love it!

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!


seaschell said...

Audrey, that is beautiful! Your embroidery is really lovely. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

quirky granola girl said...

i love the stack of books she is carrying. and i think you are brave for wanting a whole quilt with embroidered book titles. i want to make a book quilt, but i may cheat and print some book titles with Spoonflower.

em's scrapbag said...

Great mug rug. Love the ribbon on the spines. BTW the tutus are delightful. Love the pic of your little girl with it. She is darling.

Melissa said...

Hah! I didn't get a picture of it, either! But I know Kelly did, so I'll ask her to send us both one. And if not, I can go to Crafty Laine and take a picture there. :)
The one you made for Deb is FABULOUS! Good job on your embroidery. First time? Whatever!
I'll be sending a refund check of your membership dues tomorrow...