Monday, January 12, 2009

Craftster Lap Quilt Progress: Blocks for 1boy1girl1kitty2, and gordongirl!

I worked on some of my Craftster Lap Quilt Swap blocks this weekend and made some progress!
These two batik blocks are for 1boy1girl1kitty2. I love the happiness of these fabrics!

I also finished two blocks for my friend gordongirl!The block isn't as wonky as the picture makes it seem.... It is a modified log cabin.

Here is her next block. I really like this one-it is so cheerful! I hope you like them.

My progress so far is 8/22. I need fourteen more!


APA said...

You're making excellent progress towards your 22!

I love these four blocks...definitely happy fabrics. Reminds me Spring is coming or to simply enjoy what bright, sunny days with deep blue skies and puffy, white clouds we're given this winter!

bearbear said...

Good morning! You're the first place I visit. I absolutely love these four blocks, especially the second batik. It is bee-ooo-tiful! It's just amazing how one block here and two blocks there add up and before you know it, you'll have all 22 finished!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love these blocks - just the colors I need to see on this snowy morning. You're making great progress!

em's scrapbag said...

The blocks are beautiful. I really like the fabrics that you used. The pastels are fresh and I really like the batiks.

Dionne said...

Oh, I do love those blocks! They will look so wonderful on my quilt! You really are making progress, from 0 to 8 in no time flat!
I need to get stitchin'

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

They look great! You are on your way to completion :)

bearbear said...

Audrey, I tested the comment section in asourceofwonder for me. I assume you have a google account since your blog here is with google, right? You have to be signed in before you comment, then after you make your comment, you will see a section directly underneath, that says comments with a drop down menu to select profile. Click on it and select google (choose a profile), then click publish and a window will pop up with the word verification which you type in and then click finish and it worked for me. Please try it again and let me know what happens.

Scott said...

Hey Audrey Pawdrey! I'm diggin' the new fabric choices; especially the first two, of which the second feels a bit aquatic to me. Nice work!!