Thursday, January 29, 2009

Craftster Lap Quilt Blocks Received!

I have started getting many blocks in the mail over the last couple of weeks and I am so excited about how these quilts are going to look!

From left to right, top to bottom: whoopdedoo_5, laurel, ritapizza, KRB, and gordongirl
The blocks above are from the pampered pooch fabric I sent out. I love the one ritapizza and gordongirl sent. They are so pretty! Can you see all that applique ritapizza did? I am in awe!

From left to right: whoopdedoo_5, LibbyK, LouraPalmr, and gordongirl
This is going to be a picnic quilt. The two on the right are my favorites. The basket is just perfect for a picnic quilt and I love the star that gordon girl created with the strawberry fabric as the focus.

I can't wait to start receiving more of these! I also need to get on the ball and finish up the squares I have left and start sending them out!


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

How fun! Your quilt is going to be sew fun - he he :)

Lauralness said...
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wonderwoman said...

those blocks look great - going to make a fantastic quilt!

APA said...

How wonderful! ritapizza's in the first set caught my eye right away. Amazing! And the basket, I haven't seen it used (or maybe I just didn't notice) in the magazines and patterns I've browsed. Perfect for a picnic quilt.

You picked fun fabrics and all these blocks are so well done and special. How delicious will it be piecing these and quilting? A fantastic ride awaits you. YEAH!

Dionne said...

Oh your blocks look GREAT all laid out together! I love the wonderful applique RitaPizza did, her work is so fabulous.

bearbear said...

What fun you're going to have! I like the idea of a picnic quilt.

Natasha said...

Fantastic blocks. The fabrics look really good together. I really like the block by LibbyK.

em's scrapbag said...

That definately will be a great picnic quilt!

Rita said...

yay! so glad you like your block, Audrey!! I looooove applique and your cute pouch fabrics were so fun to work with!! It's gonna be one fabulous quilt and your picnic quilt is gonna be so cute!!