Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hoot! Hoot!

I have started making Zerah some clothes for fall/winter out of corduroy. I love corduroy. I found some really cute corduroy at Joanne's this past week, and I made her a little owl dress. I added some ribbon I had and a ruffle along the bottom out of some scrap fabric leftover from one of my quilts. It matches well, doesn't it? I love being able to use fabric that is leftover from previous projects, and it reinforces the desire to keep every usable scrap because it might come in handy. That is, of course, why my scrap bins are a wreck.:) I also found the cute flower buttons there as well.

I think it will be cute for October and for Thanksgiving. I really like the dark brown and orange together. Here are the details:

Pattern: Lucy by Children's Corner
Size: 12 months
Fabric: Joanne's

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SewAmy said...

you found that cute fabric at Joann's? I can never find cute fabric there. I just love the dresses you've been making.