Thursday, July 30, 2009

Changing Pad and Nursing Cover

I can't stop making baby items! I had to make the changing pads from the pattern included in the Nappy Sack pattern so these came into fruition yesterday. I still had plenty of the Pop Garden fabric leftover, and with 2/3 of a yard of terrycloth there is plenty of fabric for two pads. Actually, I still have a little over a yard of the Pop Garden fabric left, so you will keep seeing it pop up in projects to come.

These are really easy to make, and I think they will get a lot of use. They have two layers of batting on the inside, so they are really soft. I used batting leftover from previous quilts so it was great to use up scrap material for something useful!

I also made a nursing cover because I am planning on breastfeeding. It was pretty simple to make. It has boning along the top edge so it will stay out from your body, and you can see your baby. They are pretty expensive from the store, but easy to make for under $10. I found this pattern that I used as a guideline. I found the boning for 2.49 a yard at Joanne's.

I included little terrycloth pockets on the backside for cleanup and storage of pacifiers, etc. I may add a little velcro to keep the pocket closed, but I want to try it out first-8 weeks to go before that happens! The terrycloth was 6.99 a yard, but I used scraps leftover from my changing pad. Plus, I used a 40% off coupon on the terrycloth.:)

I think these would both make great shower gifts, and they are pretty easy to make.


Vanessa said...

Awesome! I so wish I had been sewing already when I was pregnant. Not that I would have had the time to. . . anyways, those would make great shower gifts! I may have to make these for a friend of mine that's having a new little one.

Also, just want to say that breastfeeding is def the way to go! Although Syd was born 7 weeks early and only weighed 3 lbs 10 ounces she's never really been sick. She's had two mild colds. I had to use a breast pump most of the time since she never fully learned how to nurse but I stuck with it for a year and think it was well worth it! Good luck!

APA said...

The changing pads are super cute and the nursing cover fantastic! If you can sew and have fabric, why in the world should you need to buy these simple, every day items? Good for you. It's not just economical, it's creative and smart! I love it!

Dionne said...

You are so organized! It's great that you have the time and energy to get so much done now. With each pregnancy I thought I was going to have SO MUCH time after the birth to get things done, and of course I never did. I'm so excited for you!!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

yes, yes, ditto with Vanessa. Nursed my 1st 2 until nearly age 1 and #3 until (gasp) nearly age 2. Can't say I ever used a nursing cover thought. Feeding infants find a way to take cover :-)
Your baby sewings though take me back a few years when i got to make their nurseries~

QuiltedSimple said...

What great ideas! I nursed Tyler for the 1st year and would so have loved to have a cover other than a receiving blanket. Love the fabrics - so bright and cheerful.

Karen said...

Hooter Hiders - ha ha! YAY for breastfeeding! I nursed all three of my kids. It's awesome.

Stephanie D. said...

Wish that had been available when I breastfed my daughter--I didn't sew much, but I'll bet my mother could have made me some. I just used lightweight blankets, but it would have been nice to always be able to see her sweet little face, even in company.

And this is a personal opinion, but I'm glad you plan on using something. I don't care how "advanced" today's moms are supposed to be or how "normal" the process is--I do not like to see exposed breasts in public under the "guise" of breastfeeding.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Cute stuff! That nursing cover is perfect - you are going to love it! 8 weeks to go - time always flies when it is someone else who is pregnant :)

Chris said...

Fabulous! I loved my Hooter Hider when I was nursing. Especially around my in-laws, etc. The terry pockets are a good addition because there is always spit, etc. You can also stick your breast pads in there.

Great job on the Nappy Sack too! I have had that pattern for a couple of years but still haven't made it yet. Your fabric choices are so pretty.

Good luck on everything and thanks for sharing!!

Busyquiltmom said...

Nice nursing cover. My sister made one for me and I love it for those times when you don't want anyone to see... I always say the pockets are to put my chocolate in. :-)