Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amy Butler Nappy Bag

I finished my diaper bag late last night and snapped some pictures this morning. I wanted a big bag, but this bag is huge! I used the Amy Butler Nappy Bag pattern with Heather Bailey Pop Garden-Tiled Primrose in butter for the exterior fabric. The interior fabric is from Joannes. It is lined with canvas so it seems really sturdy. It has a heft to it even when completely empty.

The outside has a cell phone pocket which is the perfect size for my phone.

The interior calls for 3 1/4 yards of fabric! I did have some left over but that is a lot of fabric! It has six pockets inside which will be great for organizing. There were two bottle pockets that were supposed to be on the corners of the interior of the bag, but the placement of these pockets would have made four of the interior pockets useless (weird design) so I left those out.

I added an additional velcro pocket for my keys and wallet to the center pocket on one side. I like the additional exterior fabric on the inside, and if I make the bag again, I will have the outside of the interior pockets be the same fabric as the exterior of the bag. I like the contrast.

I am very happy with the way it came out, and now that I have the pattern, I can make more! I will need to find fabric cheap because it does take a lot of fabric.:) Excuse the little fly in this picture. Next on the list is the changing pad!


APA said...

I was wondering if you would choose the nappy bag for your diaper bag. It is super roomy and nice and sturdy. I agree completely the bottle pocket placement is a little weird. That you added a velcro pocket for wallet and keys is practical and functional. You'll be ready to hit the road!

The fabric and colors are fantastic. Great job! I love it!

MamaB said...

Love this, the colors are great. You did such a good job. I love all of the pockets and having a place for you keys will be good. I am always looking for mine.

bearbear said...

Isn't it fun getting ready for a little baby girl? How cute is this bag and I like having all those compartments to organize, especially a place for you cell phone. those things get lost so easily!

Andi said...

Love it!!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

It's so cute! I was wondering how big those bags were - 3 1/4 yds for the inside is a lot!! It's fun to watch you nest here :)

Nat said...

Oh my goodness, Audrey. That bag is gorgeous and very practical! Love it!! Good job. Hope that you are feeling well. Take care.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great bag! Love the fabrics and it will be a blessing that it is so big.