Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bathroom Remodel or what happened while I was away...

We bought our first house in the summer of 2005. We took tons of pictures as we looked through the house during the buying process. The picture above is what the main bathroom looked like at that point. I should mention we live in an older neighborhood and our house in a 1950's ranch. The bathroom doesn't look too bad, but the vanity really is too large for the space. The white glossy background on the wall was this cheap white tileboard. You know, the kind that looks like tile but is really just fake tile on a piece of masonite or similar material. We didn't take pictures of the corners because they were pretty horrible. They had not put a corner molding so you could see the edge of the board. I wish we had taken a picture of that and the plastic shower lining-which was sloppily sealed with silicone. The pretty white shower curtain you see is in front of sliding glass doors-which I don't like.

Anyway, while I was out of town Brandon, my husband, informed me that he was redoing the bathroom and had sent me a picture of what it currently looked like.

Wow! Doesn't that look pretty... The laminate wood that didn't match the rest of the wood floors in the house was gone. The nasty tile board that lined the wall is also been torn out and no more vanity or toilet.
No more plastic tub liner. Please also notice the hole in the tub. This has been like this since we moved in which means I have not taken a bath at home since 2005.
That pipe on the right represents where the vanity should go, if there was one. Please notice that the floor in the hallway is actually quite pretty before you think our house is all like the previous pictures.

When I returned home the bathroom was already in a much better state. Brandon laid down new ceramic tile on the floor and in the shower.

Last weekend, Brandon grouted the shower area and the floor. When he chose the grout it was a lot darker in the little illustration of what the grout should look like. When it was dry, it is much closer to white than we intended. Today I painted the ceiling white and put two coats of tan on the walls.
Obviously I need to go back and touch up along the ceiling, but it looks much better.
Progress so far:
1. New tile on shower stall and grouted
2. Cleaned and reinstalled shower head and faucet
3. The hole in the tub is now covered up
4. New drain plug for the tub (so the tub will hold water now which it wouldn't before)
5. Paint on walls

Still need to do:
1. Beadboard installed
2. New vanity, light fixture, and mirror (We are definitely going with a new light fixture! See pic. above if you wonder why.)
3. Paint carefully around ceiling
4. Reattach shelves
5. New toilet
6. Everything else I have forgotten to mention....

Stay tuned for future updates!


Jacquie said...

Way to go! Love the tile. My hubby and I are master remodeler, do it yourselfers (self proclaimed of course!) Our motto...if it can be done, do it yourself! Can't wait to see the next set of pics.

Nat said...

You should go out of town more often. Maybe you could get another room out of it. BTW, the progress looks great! Can't wait to see the finished results.