Sunday, July 24, 2011

WIP: ABC I-spy quilt

I didn't mean to be gone from this space for so long, but I have been working on a few things including my ABC quilt!  I am so excited about how it is coming together, and I am now in the home stretch.

"K" is for kites, kisses, kangaroos, keys, king, and koala.

"O" is for oranges, owls, and octopus.

"J" is for jellybeans, jigsaw puzzle, jacks, jewelry,  jack-o-lanterns, and "jump, puff. jump, jump, jump."

"I" is for ice cream, iguanas, ice cream shop, India, Italy, and Ironing board.

"L" is for lions, lemons, lettuce, leaves, lobster, ladybugs, letters (mail), other letters, and lawnmower.  I love the lawnmower! 

"N" is for nurse, numbers, and nest.

I still have g, q, v, x, and z left to go.  Plus, I am going to write out my daughter's name, so I need another e,r,a, and h.

I wish I had some of the Heather Ross volkswagon bus print for "V".  I am going to try some of the printable fabric to draw out some designs for v, q, x, and z.  All I have for y is a little bit of yarn fabric, and I can't think of anything else except including some yellow fabric.  For Z, I am using zebras and pictures of my daughter.  I have a little x-ray fabric and a xylophone, but it isn't enough for the entire square.  I did find something that may work for q, but it is in progress as well.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Melissa said...

Goodness gracious! That is INtense! I love it! Wow. I'll try to think of y and z fabric, and if I happen to have any, I'll let you know. I don't think I do, but maybe! :)
That is REALLY cool.

Katie B. said...

Such a fantastic idea! I'm so impressed by the variety of letter fabrics you were able to find!

Stephanie D. said...

This is so cute! What about "Yoda" for Y? Or a "yak" if you could find it. Or yam? Yardstick? Yahtzee? Yacht? I know I've seen Yoda fabric before, but not sure about the others. Did you check eBay?

For Z, besides the two you've mentioned, zombie? Zipper?

MichelleB said...

I have some vans! I'd be happy to share if you're willing to send me your address. :)

Kathy said...

that is one awesome quilt! just found your blog, very nice.

APA said...

Not only adorable, but educational, too! I love all the prints you've found. And I love that you're using photos of your daughter for the letter "Z." She'll not only be able to enjoy it now, but for years to come, you nurturing her so tenderly in warm memories.

quirky granola girl said...

this looks AMAZING!! i love the plans you are pulling together for your other letters. i do have some of those VW vans. i still want to use a chunk of it, so let me ponder for a bit. maybe i can make a decision and send what is left :)

Sharon Robertson said...

What a clever idea!

Tonya Ricucci said...

so incredibly clever and cute. love it. do you still need VW bus fabric?