Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Banner for Maggie, Anna, and Lucy

 Over the last couple of weeks, I have been making a birthday banner for my cousin Sarah's three little girls.

I made each banner separate so she can hang them up how she wants, and they will work for multiple hanging locations. I made one Happy and one Birthday banner, and then I made one with each of their names.

 This way she can switch out the bottom strip depending on whose birthday it is.

These take a while to make because I had to applique each letter on the pennant background, but I am very happy with the way they turned out! Hopefully, they will help brighten up their birthdays starting in March!

 I had to share this picture of the scrappy binding.  I cut strips each night this week as I had time and sewed them all together Friday night.  Yesterday, I trimmed the edges and used my bias tool to make bias tape out of the strips.  I didn't measure the length as I was going along; I just wanted to make sure I had enough for the banners.  I ended up with 34 yards of scrappy binding!  I didn't use all of it, so I now have a nice bundle for my next project.  I like the way it looks all rolled up!  It is like a fabric cinnamon roll.:)

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Vanessa said...

what a neat project! you did a fab job :) can't wait to see where the scrappy binding ends up. . . any project ideas?