Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep those little legs warm!

This past weekend I made fifteen pairs of legwarmers for Zerah for this upcoming fall/winter. She has so many cute dresses that she needed something to keep her little legs warm when it gets cold outside. I had a lot of fun picking out the socks to make these!

I don't think we will lack for choices for legwarmers for her to wear! I couldn't decide, so I kept making some, and making more, and finally I stopped at fifteen. I used this tutorial on how to make them. I found all the socks at Target for $1 each. So this project cost me about $15, which is pretty good for 15 pairs of legwarmers. I estimate the retail cost of these to be around $150-200. She now has a spiffy little collection.

Don't those little legs look cute in their argyle glory? I love argyle.
They go together so quickly, too. I think each pair took about 10-15 minutes. I may need to make some more for quick baby gifts!

I am off to go take our daily walk. I am trying to walk around 3 miles a day! It is so nice to just be outside in the sunshine-enjoying fall weather!


Karen said...

So cute! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Such s cute idea! They cost way too much in the shops.
Hope the walking goes well, autumn is my favourite walking time - just the perfect temperatures. It's spring here and it is NOT good walkng weather.