Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Woo

This past week I made Zerah another Auburn outfit. I think this will be the last one for this fall because she now has plenty of Auburn themed clothing items: A-lined Lucy Aubie dress, Polka Dot Crossover Dress with orange ribbons, an Auburn T-shirt, a cheerleader outfit, and a bubble suit! She could wear a different Auburn outfit for six days straight!

The top in the picture is the Little Woo by Patterns by Figgy. It is a very easy pattern to put together; although, I managed to assemble it with the slit on the left side instead of the right side that the pattern calls for! The hardest part was cutting out the knit material; it kept sliding and wrinkling up. I love how woven cotton stays flat. used some scrap Auburn material that I had in my stash for the cotton on the left that peeks out of the side of the shirt. I made my own fabric covered buttons with little tigers for the buttons. That is my favorite part! I also love the orange binding around the collar. It is a 12 month size and the sleeves are super long on Zerah. She is petite, but they are possibly 6 inches too long! I am debating cutting off the length or saving it for when she grows into it.

The pants went together quickly on Saturday. I added an Auburn themed cuff to the bottom of this stretchy chambray material I had to make the little pants. They are a little short, so I am going to lengthen this pattern next time.

Last week was Kid's Challenge Week at Elsie Marley, and I did finish these little pants and top for Zerah. The challenge is to sew for an hour a day for seven days. I failed miserably at this! I spent an hour Wednesday night preparing the pattern (tracing the pattern, cutting out fabric) and two hours Thursday making the Little Woo Top. I only managed to finish the top on Thursday because I took the day off work, so I could sew during Zerah's naps. Saturday, I made the pants in about an hour. So I spent about about 4 out of the 7 hours of the challenge this past week sewing.

I think the next project I work on will be finishing up some old ufos. Hope everyone is doing well!

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