Friday, June 25, 2010

Dress for the Beach!

We are heading to the beach next month to see lots of family, so I had to make a beach dress! my mother-in-law sent Zerah this cute fabric a couple of months ago that she picked up in Mobile. Isn't it cute?

This is the Lucy Pattern by Children's Corner in a size 1. It is the perfect little A-line dress that is so easy to put together. It is also fully lined which is nice because you don't see any of the seams.

I picked up these buttons from Joanne's. They aren't the exact shade of green, but I loved the pink and orange dots across the center. I also topstitched all the way around the bodice and the bottom of the skirt.

Of course, I had to add a ruffle. I am on a ruffle kick! I have enough fabric leftover to make one more, so there is a custom one available in my shop.


bear said...

That's cute fabric and I love the ruffle. I can't tell u how many of those Lucy's I've made. I/ve put jumbo rickrack on the bottome, too, and it's cute. I'm going to go visit your etsy shop now. bye:)

Jennie said...

Cute dress! I'm sure Zerah will look adorable in it. Thanks for the words of encouragement about my comps - they're this afternoon at 2:30!

Dionne said...

You are really on a kick! Lucky, lucky Zerah!

em's scrapbag said...

That is too cute. Love those little fish and the ruffle:)