Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rocking Chair Cushion: Oh, so comfy!

As I continue to work on the baby's room, I made a cushion for the rocking chair. This was fairly easy to do, but it did take a lot of steps! In case you want to try something like this and so I remember how I did it, here are the basic steps on how I made this cushion.
  1. I used leftover jellyroll strips from this quilt and sewed them together to create a bigger piece of newly constructed fabric. I had to add some of the horse fabric because I love it.
  2. Using a piece of freezer paper, I laid the paper on the chair and traced around the top of the chair to make a pattern piece.
  3. I used that pattern to cut the top piece of fabric into the chair shape.
  4. Using the same pattern piece, I cut out two pieces of batting utilizing leftover scraps from other projects.
  5. Cut out backing fabric for the interior of the cushion.
  6. I then freemotion quilted this sandwich together-top piece of fabric, two layers of batting and backing fabric.
  7. Make and add cording to the quilted sandwich piece. There are many tutorials on the web for how to do this. I just googled "add cording to pillow" and used bits and pieces of information to best suit my needs.
  8. Make ties to attach cushion to chair.
  9. Cut two more pieces of backing fabric to create an envelope style closure on the back.
  10. Sew everything together! Flip inside out so the right side of the fabric is now on the right side.
  11. Using leftover egg carton foam (for placing on top of your mattress for more cushion), cut out the same shape of the pillow and insert in the back of your cushion.

I am very happy with the way it came out. Now we just need to paint that chair white!


APA said...

Wow! That's really cool. I wouldn't have thought of the freezer paper to cut out the shape of the chair for a pattern piece. It makes perfectly good sense!

I'm seriously loving the handmade goodness going into your baby girl's room. She's just going to be so happy and cozy there!

beth said...

very cute cushion...isn't it fun to homemake handmade?

The Rabbit Factory said...

Just love it! and Yes, you should be very happy with the way it came out!

Nat said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Very creative.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

That will come in very handy and it's super cute!

bearbear said...

Very cute and in keeping with your style of decorating the room perfectly. Can't wait to see it on the white chair! I'm getting very excited for you and all your family!

Dionne said...

Great cushion, it will look fabulous when you paint the chair white!!
Thanks for the tutorial.

Stephanie D. said...

Just curious--was the batting just to do the quilted top and the foam for the actual cushioning? And why did you need an additional TWO pieces of backing instead of one?

I've never made a cushion before and am having trouble visualizing some steps.

But I do love that finished product. I need one for my dining room chair. Neither hubby nor daughter likes the cushions, but I do, so one's all I'd need.

Karen said...

Wow, you are really getting some nesting done! You have so much energy, I don't know how you do it. I think the cushion turned out great!

Marie Ann said...

Sent you an email to gmail...

QuiltedSimple said...

This is so cute!!! Thanks for the instructions - I have a rocker that I've been meaning to make a cushion for! And only 5 weeks to go? Time sure is flying....

Tim Watson said...

I've been thinking it's time to get a rocking chair cushion for my rocking chair in my nursery. Thanks for the idea. I want my cushion to be hand made, kind of like from www.bonus.com It's just like my mom has, thanks.