Monday, August 24, 2009

Pay it forward!

I was the lucky recipient of a wonderful Pay It Forward package from my new friend, Karen, at ShortStoryLong. I signed up for a pay it forward for her a while back, and I had no idea of all the loveliness that I would receive. We live in the same area so we got to meet for lunch on Saturday. I had a great time talking and it was so much fun to get to hang out with a fellow blogger and crafter.

Here is the cute sock monkey bag that she made! Isn't it adorable? I love the flap closure and the blue button. It is the perfect size for library books or to tote back and forth to school. I may have to use it for a diaper bag this fall too!

She used knitting slogan fabric for the interior which I love. Although I am a beginner at knitting, I do hope to get better-maybe I can use this to tote my yarn projects around! I am so happy with the little pockets and I like that they are off center from each other-adds visual interest don't you think?

Inside the bag, there was this cute tin with little knitted booties! How cute are these!

The second picture is true to the color of the booties. These are my favorite part of the gift! I can't wait to get to use them. I love these! I don't know if I can say it enough.:)

Also included in the package is/was a loaf of homemade zucchini bread. It was so fresh from the oven that it was still warm when I received it! I have already had some for dessert Sat. night and for breakfast Sunday morning and this morning. It is yummy!

Thanks Karen for a delightful Saturday afternoon and the thoughtful, wonderful package you put together!


Karen said...

Yay! You're welcome. It was so much fun to meet you. We'll do it again! Maybe next year we can "shop hop" together. Although hopefully I'll see you again before then!

Andi said...

What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift.
I just love the interweb!!
Andi :-)

APA said...

Oh, wow, Audrey! What a beautifully created gift! The bag has some super cute features like the closure and the pockets. But, I'm with you. The little booties are the most precious things...perfect for your little girl! And zucchini bread? Super delicious.

I'm so excited you've not only made a new friend, but she's close enough you guys can meet! There's plan and purpose to our virtual world. :) ENJOY!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

So cute! those little mary janes are adorable - and sock monkeys have a fond place in my heart :)

bearbear said...

How cute is everything!! I have some of that sock monkey fabric but would never have thought to make a bag from it. And I LOVE those little knitted shoes. They are precious and I can understand how you can't wait to use them. I'm sure they'll be photographed again and again! ha! I'm getting excited for you. Your life is about to change so much!

Nat said...

I would love to have adult booties like those! They are so cute! That is a great friend to have.