Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photo Challenge

I was tagged by Karen today for this photo challenge. The instructions are "Go to your fourth photo file, post the fourth photo, and explain the photo. Pass it on to four people."
Okay, so my fourth picture is very blurry. I am not very good at cleaning up my files as I upload pictures, obviously. This was taken at my friends' wedding in New Orleans in October of 2004. I believe it was at the chapel at Loyola. We had just moved to Colorado and it was wonderful to be able to see our close friends again.

This is the fifth picture in the file-or the fourth picture if you only count non-blurry ones!:) This is a street near the French Quarter closer to Jackson Square taken the next day. I loved the reddish building with the old paint peeling off and the bright turqoise green surrounding the storefront on the building to the left. The architecture in this city is wonderful. I love visiting here.:) Please notice the guy in the pinkish shorts-it was in the eighties! It was already cold in Colorado when we left and I was so happy to wear a sleeveless dress in October at night comfortably!

So I am passing the challenge to APA, sewamy, bearbear, and Amy. Hope you have fun with this!:)


APA said...

OK. I'm up for the challenge. This is super different then most "tags." Totally fun!

I'm off to post!

P.S., Thanks for your sweet comment on my apron. I really enjoyed piecing it together. And I'm pleased with the color and fabric combinations. You should try it. It's so simple, really, especially for you who does so many wonderful quilt blocks.

APA said...

I was so freaked out I forgot to mention I really, really like the blurry picture. It tells a story. You so easily remembered the wedding, the precious time in New Orleans with dear friends. I say if you've plenty of room, don't clean-up. Just relive and enjoy!

SewAmy said...

I am kind of scared to see what my forth pic is. Oh, let me go see. :o)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Fun challenge! Thanks! your blurry pic is cool - some people add effects to make them look like that! :)

bearbear said...

This will be fun. I love stuff like this. I don't know how to link or any of that fancy stuff but I'll do it MY way! How about that?

I hope you're feeling better, BTW.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the blurry photo! Looks like a bunch of mine:) And the street in New Orleans - what great memories you must have!

Karen said...

Audrey, you're a sport. I like both pictures. Sometimes blurry pictures can be neat, too.