Saturday, November 8, 2008

50 States Quilt Block Swap

Here are all the blocks so far laid out together! I am missing Idaho and Vermont-I still need to make those.;)

From Pertelot: Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Conneticut, South Dakota, and Deleware.

From Jenicat from left to right:
Ohio, Georgia, North Dakota, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, and Texas

From love2teach: Idaho, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Wyoming, California, and Wisconsin

From chinarockfishakm: Rhode Island, Maine, Hawaii, South Carolina
Alaska, Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

From Mcbenno:Nebraska, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York
Virginia, Michigan, Mississippi, and Indiana

My blocks! North Carolina, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Alabama, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon, and Florida

Here are all the blocks I made laid out together on the floor-minus Washington. I don't know how I forgot it when I took the picture. They are all in the mail now on their way to their new owners.:)

For those of you who enjoy swaps, a new craftster lap quilt swap is opening on Monday at Craftster. Check here on Monday!

Edited to switch one Rhode Island to New Jersey


APA said...

WOW! The quilt is even prettier then I imagined. The blocks are all so individually unique, yet coming together so well. Everyone involved did a fantastic job.

A Tiger are you? Ah, life. It's a small world for the stories that could be told, one to another.

Enjoy a fun weekend!

Amy said...

I think you made a mistake and labeled one of Pertelots blocks as RI. I had RI. (chinarockfishakm)

audreypawdrey said...

Whups! I did mislabel one, but it is fixed now!:)

jacquie said...

it's so much fun to see it all coming together!!

Amy said...

What kind of lap quilt swap is it?

Libby said...

What a fun swap! Any plans for layout? The order they joined the union perhaps? Thanks for the heads up on the lap quilt swap...I will have to think seriously about that!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

What a great swap! It's so fun seeing it all come together - can't wait to see how you finish it :)

SewAmy said...

oh, I love seeing them all layed out together.