Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nickel Dog turned Wonky!

This block is intentionally wonky but not finished!
I had four dog patches left over after my nickel dog quilt was finished. They just didn't make the cut for on reason or other. I adore this fabric. I made a dog with the fabric below and I like it. I was worried it wouldn't really show up against a border of white though, so it was put aside.

I finally decided I wasn't going to let all of that work go to waste and so proceeded to start building some wonky log cabin blocks around these dogs using my left over fabric.
I realized I probably would not have enough of just that fabric to make pillows out of all four dogs so I pieced together some more squares of my charm pack. I love the strawberries on the blue!
I then added it to the borders! You can see this in the first picture as well. These are not finished but I am really enjoying making them! They will eventually become pillows to go along with the doggie quilt I made earlier. This is destined for someone-if I can bear giving it up! I learned how to do the wonky log cabin block from Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

I am loving the patched border! I absolutely love this fabric line. It is so summery and happy.


SewAmy said...

Hey, the 3D chalk did work , but not as good as it did on the commercial. It may work better if it was done on blacktop instead of just concrete. But we did have any blacktop.

Jacquie said...

This is fabulous!!! Love the pieced border idea too! I'm going to try that idea...maybe in my next mini. I'm so glad the tutorial was helpful.