Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last night I finished another square for the Lap Quilt Swap I am in over at Craftster. I decided to continue with the wonky theme. I love the buttefly fabric. I am a little out of my comfort zone with making a block like this for someone else. I feel as if she is either going to love it or not like it.

We are waiting on 4 tons of rocks to show up to put into the front garden area we landscaped this week. They say that a ton of rocks will only cover 90 square feet, two inches tall-that doesn't seem right in my head. We spent about three hours yesterday putting the rest o f the plants in and laying the weed block fabric over it. Hopefully, we can get all of the rocks scattered over it today and plant our new crab apple tree.


Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Love the blocks, I think that I have some of that butterfly fabric in my stash LOL :) It does seem like a ton of rocks would cover much more area that what they say it will.

Jacquie said...

how cute is this! if your partner doesn't like it...I'll swap with you!

audreypawdrey said...

Thanks amy and jacquie! I posted it to the gallery on Craftster and she likes it! Yeah! Thanks for the offer to swap jacquie, I would love any of your blocks.