Monday, April 5, 2010

Yummy Birthday Sewing Goodness

It was my birthday last week, and I received so many wonderful sewing related items! My mom came to visit and brought me tons of patterns and sewing notions. Check out that ruffler foot above. Isn't that the craziest looking contraption? It works really well though, and I do believe that everything needs to have a ruffle now. Well, maybe not everything, but most items would only be cuter with a little ruffle attached. She also brought me a narrow hemmer foot which I have to figure out.

The best part is that my mom was visiting for all of last week so she was here to play with everything she brought and show me how to use it! That was the best present she could give me.:)

My husband bought me an iron which I was really happy about. My old was very temperamental and would cut off while I was using it so I would have to unplug and replug it in all the time to get it to work which is really frustrating. Plus, we have hard water and I had been using tap water so it would spit out nasty orange water occasionally. Only spring water will be going in my new one to try to prevent this.

My mom also brought this piping tool. It has a ruler that you line up to cut 1/4" off the piping and works really well.

I also received so many patterns and books that I won't be lacking for any ideas any time soon!

Maggie's Classic: Sundress and Long Waist Sun Suit
The sundress is so cute! My mom has made this for my niece, and it is such an adorable top.

Creations by Michie: Sunsuit and Sundress
This looks so sweet, and I think I am going to use some green gingham that my mom brought for this.

My mom also brought me all of these Children's Corner patterns: Paulie, Robin's Little Jackets, Lettie, and Taylor. We made a little jacket, the Paulie, and the Taylor last week. They need buttons still, but as I finish them, I will share them here. These are all such cute patterns and I will definitely be making more of each of these.

I can't find any of the Children's Corner patterns here locally, so I have to import them from the South. I find the differences between patterns available due to regions interesting. You can find Oliver S patterns and Amy Butler at local stores, but many of the patterns that they have at quiltingstores in the South are not here.

My husband picked up this fun Japanese softie book for me. I have another book from this series already that I made a rabbit from and it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to make my little girl more creatures from this one.

While we were at Costco this past week, my mom and I found this new book by Martha Stewart for half the cover price! She picked it up for my birthday, too.:) I am amazed by the thickness of this book. There are so many projects to make in here ranging from sock animals to pillows and duvets. It would take at least a year to make a dent in the possibilities of creations. Everything is so beautifully photographed, too.

My mother-in-law sent me Alabama Studio Style and a gift card from Joannes. I love this book. It has the most beautiful hand made clothing patterns from tank tops to dresses in it, plus yummy recipes. It is a joy to sit and read and I can't wait to try some of these patterns. I have already picked out some navy jersey using the gift card from my mother-in-law to make a skirt.

In fact, I have already spent the gift card this weekend at Joanne's. They had a great notions sale going on, so I stocked up on needles, elastic, snaps, piping, thread, 1$ Simplicity patterns, white Kona Egyptian cotton for linings and some flannel. All of the notions were 50% off which was fabulous!

The week before my birthday I found a great deal on patterns so I had ordered these for myself. I am excited to try these Oliver S patterns. The 2 +2 blouse looks so adorable and I have the fabric ready for this one.

I also picked up the Favorite Things Little Hooded Jacket which I had read good reviews of on sewmamasew. I love this little top by Sew Liberated.

The Little Britches pattern should be cute with my new ruffler! My mom brought me this one for my birthday too. The Amy Butler pattern is for me. I picked out some fabric for this the other day-just need to find time to cut it out and sew it up.

I am so excited about all of the creative possibilities all of this provides. I had a wonderful birthday and can't wait to start sewing. Happy Monday everyone!


Vanessa said...

Lucky girl! Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Sewing!

QuiltedSimple said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You got some terrific patterns there - can't wait to see what you make up!

Andi said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
Great haul.

bear said...

Looks and sounds like you could not have had a happier birthday! Well deserved.