Friday, May 29, 2009

Three by Three Nine Patch Swap

I signed up for twiddletail's three by three swap several weeks a go and have all my nine patch blocks ready to go!

I am also working on crazymomquilts "One a day" quilt a long with nine patches, too. Pictures to come soon, I am way behind on that one. I went a little nine patch crazy. I am really excited all the lovely nine patches I am going to receive!

Pay It Forward
Thank you everyone who wanted to play along! I will be sending a handmade gift to Tina, Stephanie D., and Erin O. I will be contacting everyone for you info. later today! I am really excited to see what I can come up with, but it very well may take me a year-hopefully not!


bearbear said...

I love the nine patch but have never done one. I'm really suffering in the creative, specifically sewing, area lately. But sometimes other things in life take priority:-) That's where friends like you come in - I can sit back and enjoy watching what you are doing. Thanks for the inspiration and joy of seeing what you create!

APA said...

I'm loving the nine patch blocks I'm seeing around. It will be totally fun seeing what you receive and how you put it all together. Have fun!