Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lap Quilt Swap: Fall


I joined the newest round of the lap quilt swap over at Craftster.

Block for me using my fabrics

I had too much fun in the last two. It is such a neat way to see how different people interpret different fabrics and learn new techniques as well. Plus, it gives me a way to work with tons of fabrics that I might not generally choose.


I have decided to try to only use one block for everyone, that way I can see how different fabrics and color placement affects the way the block looks. Sort of a experiment in color and design that way. Here are the four blocks I have made so far.


Isn't it interesting how different all the blocks look with the different color choices? I am so excited about all the blocks so far. Check out some of the ones that have been made for me!

Athenamat's block and Ritapizza's


Marie Ann said...

I was looking at the gallery last night before falling asleep and the boy saw your block for yourself and he said he really liked that one ;) I told him that you were the co-organizer, my friend and fellow fabric swapper. He was amused ;)

Anyway just wanted to let you know that a non-quilter loved your block too. I'm telling you, these are a really appealing combo of colors that interests pple ;)

I'm not sure if you got my flickr mail but I am still planning a thoughtful pm back at you, just been mentally distracted / I shouldn't really even be browsing your blog right now ;P

Jacquie said...

so interesting...i didn't realize they were the same block until i read it. had to go back and look again...fabric can truly transform! Cool blocks by the way!

Anonymous said...

I love them, they are all so different and yet each is interesting in it's own way.