Monday, February 6, 2012

Swoon-Blocks Finished!

This past week, I have been chugging a way on my Swoon blocks, and I am so happy to say that I have finished all of the blocks!  I am so in love with how it is turning out.  I love this fabric line so much.

This is one of my favorite blocks.  I just love the red and the focus it gives the block.

This one doesn't have the contrast the others do, but I still like it.:)

My husband was out of town at the beginning of the week, so once Z went to sleep I sewed a couple of hours each night.  Friday we had a snow day, so I snuck in an hour before everyone else was up, 2 1/2 hour nap time (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and I stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday finishing these.  I am so glad I did because it feels so good to have these blocks completed!  I am going to work on the sashing this week, and I hope to have it basted in order to quilt it at the first Front Range Modern Quilt Guild Retreat in two weeks!  I can't wait!

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Stichery Completed

 I recently finished the cross stitch for January from the Frosted Pumkin just in time for the new February installment.  I have never cross stitched on linen before so it was a lesson in how to count on linen for me.  I  haven't really done any cross stitch since college, and it was a brief sampler then.  The last major thing I cross stitched was a horse and rider silhouette against the sun in front of the sun on a sweatshirt in high school.  It was really hard to stitch because it was going through sweatshirt material, and it was tedious.  I gave up on it until college because I was so burned out.  My sampler wasn't speaking to me, so I gave up half way through it too.  I still have it, and it will be eventually finished.  I was happy to find modern cross stich patterns to try.  I am not happy with this one, but I am looking forward to seeing how much I improve over the next 11 months!

I have also been working on my Swoon quilt, and I have 4/9 blocks completed here.  I finished the 5 and 6 blocks over the last couple of days, but they are not in this mosaic.  I am hopeful that I can finish them all this weekend!