Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sewconnected: My month!

I have been wanting to make an i-spy ABC quilt for my daughter, but I also wanted to make an ABC wonky word quilt, too.  Since December is my month for the sewconnected swap group I decided to combine those two ideas into one quilt for my month.  I have been collecting different fabrics for each letter for a while now so each letter will have fabric that corresponds with that letter.  For example, for A I have airplanes, apples, and Auburn University.

Here are the requests I am making for my month:

-Please make 15.5 inch square blocks
-The letter should take up most of the block using the white fabric I sent.  Try to make the letter strips between 2-3" wide.  If the are 1.5-3.5" that is okay, too.   This way the letters will all be cohesive throughout the quilt.
-Use only capital letters.
-Some letters have three fabrics and some have upwards of six.  Try to use at least some of every fabric that I sent.
-Some of the letters have applique animals that my mother made.  I would love it if you would incorporate those into the block as well.
-If you have novelty fabric that matches the letter you have and you would like to add it, that would be awesome.  Please only add novelty fabric that would match the letter.  If you would like to add a scrap of yellow (or any other color) fabric to a block to balance the colors, feel free to add from your stash.
-Feel free to add paper piecing of objects that would match the letter or add embroidery if you would like.  I think embroidery could look really cute in the letter or somewhere else on the block.

I was inspired by this quilt and this one.  This is a great tutorial for wonky letters.

I made a B to see how hard it would be and to get started on the letters.

This is the idea that I am going for with this project.  See, "B" is for books, butterflies, basketballs, baths, boots, bees, balloons, and bears.  The appliques are from my mom.  She sent me several appliques to use in this quilt.  Here are all the fabrics I sent out for M, U, E O, H, F, R, W, L, T, G, and S.

"G" fabric- golf, giraffe, guitar, grapes, grass

"E"-elephants, eggs, easter eggs

"F"-football, fire hydrant, firetruck, frogs, flamingo, and fish

"H"- horse, harp, hippo, harmonica and hockey

"L"-lions, lizards, lobster, leopard, and leaves

"M"-monkey, money, motorcycle, music and moose

"P"-pigs, popsicle, penguin, planets, piano,pirates and pumpkins

"R"-rhinocerous, rooster, rabbits, runner, robot, rainbow, and ruler

"S"- skier, sea lion, strawberries, sheep, sailboat, shells, snowman, stars and shoes

"W"-watermelon, whales, wedding ring, witches, and web

"U"-umbrella  and unicorns
(U is hard to find.)

"T"- tiger, turtle, tennis, train, truck, tractor, and triangle

I am really excited about how this quilt is going to turn out!